Las letras de las canciones High Energy y algo más.

  • C.C. Catch – Stay
    The extreme is played with hearts ABC of love to me Troubles storm are paradise maybe
  • C.C. Catch – Soul Survivor
    Lady lady Lai you hurt me Oh, don’t make me cry Leavin’ me, oh girl, it’s easy He will say goodbye
  • C.C. Catch – One Night’s Not Enough
    Every little thing’s been said about it Make you know you light up my day Everybody hates to live without it And I hope you don’t go away
  • C.C. Catch – Nothing But A Heartache
    Tears are not enough – oh, you lose a friend Baby, the more you live – more you love again Heaven can be cold – heaven can be hot In the middle of the night – oh you need some love
  • C.C. Catch – Midnight Gambler
    It was raining out that night-café When I watched my dreams all fade away Oh don’t tell me how the story ends ‘Cause I’m sitting here crying in my hands
  • C.C. Catch – Like A Hurricane
    In the city of lost and found Mean it from my broken down You light the flame, light this flame of love, baby