Las letras de las canciones High Energy y algo más.

  • Marc Almond – Tears run rings
    On heavenly rain You fell into my life Unforgettable smile Unforgettable lies In the name of the cross Or a banner of love With the hand of a friend Or under a blanket of trust
  • Body Heat – Don’t want your kisses anymore
    As long we’ve look this plent to see I feel the cold we’ve breakin’ free And time goes by so very slow but I just got to let you know
  • Girls Have Fun – Love addict
    I know, it’s hard to want you but you’re the one I want to see Somewhere you try to find all I want it’s to be
  • Atrium – Over and Over
    Do you wanna stay to love me (I love) please don’t give another sorrows tonight do you wanna get love me (tonight)
  • Den Harrow – A Taste of Love
    City boy and country girl into very different worlds get together for the cause you scratch my back I scratch yours
  • Den Harrow – Charleston
    Jumping locomotion, energetic potion feel your body keepin’ time pulsing beat into your mind