Las letras de las canciones High Energy y algo más.

  • Mike Mareen – Don’t Talk To The Snake
    Hey! Can’t you see what glitters isn’t always made of gold Watch out! For diamonds made of glass And please avoid those people born without a soul And don’t! Fall in the trap
  • Mike Mareen – Agent of Liberty
    Life’s a world of fantasy I’ll tell you how: See the world of TV and you will know
  • Mike Mareen – Love Spy
    Day by day and night by night I’m sitting by the phone. I am the famous love spy call me when you’re alone.
  • Aleph – Hero
    Don’t like to be your friend ‘cause I can do much better can give you many more things to prove you I’m your man
  • The Twins – Desert Place
    I’m sitting here in this desert place and there’s no sign all of life on my face there’s no way back to my home I have to stay here – here on my own
  • U.K. – Roadrunner
    Walking through the barracades the sea white lights behind you won’t see me in the shape the speed of light is mine