Las letras de las canciones High Energy y algo más.

  • Alan Barry – Ring The Bell
    Maybe I don’t understand I don’t know what you’ve got with your hands but I think that tonight you can take a mistake, night is right
  • Kano – Another Life
    Here we are at last with nothing left to say now ‘cause everything that’s gone will never be and I lost it all that one and lonely blue night everything was fine Yes, I know I should have waited for you, baby where were you when I was needing you? and a hundred times I called but you were not there you were far from me
  • Fred Ventura – Imagine
    She’s walking in a silent street among those rows of a silent trees the leaves are falling on the ground the wind is blowing around
  • Ken Laszlo – Hey Hey Guy
    Let me see what you have done let me know what happens here tonight love for hire is dangerous let me know what happens here tonight
  • Ken Laszlo – Tonight
    We try to know and take it just like tonight Let your feeling riding over the flies To make your joy, well, enjoy yourself Dont’t give up the pleasure of tonight
  • Joy Peters – Don’t Loose Your Heart Tonight
    In your eyes I can see What it means loving secretly He so cold, cold as ice And he knows that you pay the prize