Kano – Another Life

Here we are at last with nothing left to say now
‘cause everything that’s gone will never be
and I lost it all that one and lonely blue night
everything was fine
Yes, I know I should have waited for you, baby
where were you when I was needing you?
and a hundred times I called but you were not there
you were far from me

Ken Laszlo – Tonight

We try to know and take it just like tonight
Let your feeling riding over the flies
To make your joy, well, enjoy yourself
Dont’t give up the pleasure of tonight

J.D. Jaber – Don’t Wake Me Up

Here down the shoreline
I’m thinking ‘bout my soul
Spending my whole life
I’m playing just a role
dreams come together
they’re breakin’ down the line
I’m waiting for my time

Alphatown – Power of Magic

To run away use the power of the magic
You can change your mind, and the way you looked so tragic
To satisfy the fire that burns inside you
Just let it win, I will always go along with you