Divine – Give it up

You say that you’ll be mine forever
Although I don’t know why
But if you want to be my lover
Don’t waste my time
I see you out with her around in town
Each and every day
But if you want me you must prove yourself
Give her up today

Divine – Born to be cheap

I was born to be cheap, cheap
A child no mother could keep, cheap
As sure as there’s trash
I was born to be cheap.
I was born to be helpless, I was born to be cold
I was born to never do what I’m told
I was to be shallow, wasn’t born to be deep
Of all the things I was to be cheap.

Divine – Hey you!

Caress me, undress me, fill me with desire
do the kind of things to me that set my heart on fire
caress me, undress me, fill me with desire
do the kind of things to me that set my heart on fire

Divine – I’m so beautiful

Out, out tonight
feel like going out in the night
I’m gonna walk the street,
walk the street
I wanna feel the heat,
feel the heat
there ain’t nobody better than me
can’t you see? Look at me!

Divine – Walk like a man

Oh how she tried to cut him down to size
telling dirty lies to his friends
but his own father said give her up, don’t bother
the world isn’t coming to and end,
he said…

Divine – You think you’re a man

Turn around, stand up like a man and look me in the eye
turn around, take one final look at what you’ve left behind
then walk away from the greatest lover you have ever known
yes walk away, you’re telling me that you can make it on your own
by yourself, all alone, without my help
mister you just made a big mistake.

Divine – Alphabet Rap

B is for boys… BOYS!
G is for girls… GIRLS!
M is for money… MONEY!
X is for extacy… EXTACY!
Words and letters simply can’t describe you

Divine – Shout it out

(Shout it out) if your partner is your best friend
(shout it out) shake your buddy’s hand
(shout it out) if you really love the DJ
(shout it out) everybody, take a stand

Divine – Shake it up

Your lovin’ drives me crazy, shake it up
So don’t you get lazy, shake it up
I wanna love you all night, shake it up
I wanna love you, love you right, shake it up